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A Global Icon of Resilience and Inspiration

Award-Winning Performer & Executive Producer

Romina Arena (pronounced “A Rain' a”) is an award-winning singer, songwriter, composer and record producer who writes and records fluently in 10 languages and has released 25 albums in her career, selling more than 15 million records of original music and soundtracks. She has been an Executive Producer with Disney-ABC Television, PBS, and ESPN Networks and produced and starred in ABC's Holiday Movie Skating Spectacular that was broadcast nationally and streamed to millions worldwide via ESPN+. 


With several BAFTA, Grammy, and Oscar music collaborations to her credit, Romina Arena is known for creative music and content collaborations, writing and recording music for film soundtracks and TV shows as well as video games. The rock opera themed “Satellite” for Microsoft XBox (Gotham Racing 2), was recorded in English and Italian and sold over 10 million copies.


Romina is currently working on her autobiography and a major motion picture about her inspiring life story that is being developed by an 8-time Oscar winning producer. She has several more movie, animation, and television projects in the works, many of which draw from her survival story growing up in Italy and her experiences coming to America to break into the entertainment industry.


A long-time dream of Romina's was her close reunion and major music collaboration with long-time mentor and Oscar-winning film composer Maestro Ennio Morricone. Morricone chose her over many other major artists to write and compose lyrics to 15 of his most famous scores of all time. After 20 years in the making the duo collaborated on the album, “Morricone.Uncovered".

Romina Arena with 6-time Grammy award-winner and Oscar nominated composer, Jorge Calandrelli, receiving a lifetime achievement Gold Record from RAI International (Italy)


Romina with legendary Oscar award winning film composer Ennio Morricone for the album "Morricone.Uncovered"


Romina Arena headlining in concert at
The Colosseum  Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas


Performing around the world from a young age, Romina learned the art of connecting with audiences. Fluent in 10 languages including Italian, Spanish, English, French, Greek, Japanese, German, Portuguese, Bulgarian and Hebrew, she conveys authenticity to audiences around the globe with everything she is involved in. The power of language, combined with her extraordinary voice and music style, opens doors for international markets and has allowed her to connect with millions of viewers and fans around the world.

Romina's voice harnesses incredible power and she is often referred to as the female answer to Andrea Bocelli or Josh Groban. She has performed and toured with many artists including Andrea Bocelli, Alessandro Safina, Lionel Richie, Lou Rawls, Il Divo, Blessed Union of Souls, and Mario Frangoulis. She has been invited to perform private concerts for Popes and Presidents, and headlined on Celine Dion's stage of The Colosseum of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Romina has written songs for Britney Spears, Marcello Giordani, The Sicilian Tenors, Hollie Steel (Britain's Got Talent), and many more artists, touring throughout USA, Europe, Australia, and Asia hitting her multi-platinum #1 single, "Subaru" performed in Japanese.  She has collaborated with award-winning composers and producers including Ennio Morricone (The Good The Bad and The Ugly, Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, and The Hateful Eight), Bob Johnston (Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Simon & Garfunkel), Kevin Savigar (Rod Stewart), and Chuck Howard in Nashville (Leann Rimes). Romina also has been produced by award-winning composer and songwriter Beppe Cantarelli who has written smash hits for Aretha Franklin and Mariah Carey, and Romina's contribution to record vocals for a special commemorative music album for The Vatican featuring John Paul II and broadcast on Vatican Radio. 

The Queen of Popera

Romina is the only known female “Tenorette” in the world. If there were such a thing as a female tenor, this would best describe her. A pioneer, although still at a young age she performs a genre of music known as "Popera" (pop-classical crossover), a very high end genre of music, and commercially accessible. 

Dubbed by adoring fans as "The Queen of Popera", Romina is the next International female Pop-Classical crossover phenomenon to conquer the world. Popera is an exciting cross-over musical genre and collection of extraordinary performances, a mélange of pop sensibilities and classical crossover with strong global appeal. Popera is very “cinematic” in style and creates an emotional connection with younger and adult audiences alike.

Early Career

Romina has been in the entertainment business since the age of four and with amazing resilience she has overcome adversity time after time to become a remarkable performer and voice of inspiration to many around the world.

Romina was born on the island of Sicily, Italy, in the embrace of the Mediterranean 
Sea and raised by a single mother. Full of natural talents, she was classically trained to dance and sing from a young age and signed by Disney at the age of 4 years old.  As a Mouseketeer with The Mickey Mouse Club ("Topolino"), Romina performed on television and toured throughout Europe, Asia and Australia well into her teenage years. 

At the age of fifteen, upon returning to Italy after a successful Australian concert tour, Romina suffered a vicious attack at the hands of a jealous entertainer at the backstage of a primetime television show. The attacker severed her vocal cords with a pocket knife, rendering her comatose for many months, near death, and silencing the most precious gift in her life, her voice. With true determination, unwavering faith, and unparalleled resilience, Romina not only survived the attack, but recovered to gain a five-octave vocal range. Pushing through adversity, her international popera career took flight again going multi-platinum with #1 single in Japan, and coming to America to tour and produce shows, selling 15 million records and soundtracks throughout her career.


Romina Arena, Disney Mouseketeer 
"Topolino", Mickey Mouse Club, Italy

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