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Romina Arena

CEO & Founder

Brad Rubens

Head of Business Affairs USA

Regina Randolph

VP Diversity & Literary Development

Eric Carlson

Head of Visionario Division

Chris Fisher

Head of Physical Productions


The Romina Arena Company is a global entertainment enterprise that began in Cinecittà Studios in the heart of Rome and Sicily, Italy, now expanded to offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, Philadelphia, and Honolulu  in the development and production of music, soundtrack, motion picture film, television, animation, theatrical and live entertainment, online video, gaming, consumer products, and interactive for an international audience.

Romina Arena’s remarkable true life story, Popera musical style, and ability to speak and perform with "OneVoice" fluently across 10 languages creates unique audience reach. She has built a truly global fan base and continues to inspire the next generation through positivity in content and media to empower all walks of life.

Music is core to us and our products, it is not an after-thought. We believe music is as essential as our stories and is one of the fastest ways to create strong emotional connections with audiences and viewers.

Our Brands
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The Romina Arena Company is founded with support of visionary executives, experienced performers, creators, futurists, and new media leaders around the world, led by the brilliant mind and vision of Romina Arena.  

We lead with innovation and creative minds and are constantly developing music and content, from live entertainment to online experiences, always looking toward the extraordinary. 


Our company has established brand and franchise segments:
The Italian Movie Company; Poperastar; Poperastar Records;
Where Did They Film That?; Arena Sonic Brand; and Cinematica.

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