“From here, it is my desire to create spectacle with interactive live shows, heartfelt stories, and high quality entertainment and products that carry deep cultural connections and give positive energy to fans and audiences all around the world." 

Brand Philosophy

Romina Arena’s remarkable true life story, Popera musical style, and ability to speak and perform with "OneVoice" fluently across 10 languages creates unique audience reach and continues to serve and inspire the next generation through positivity in content and media to empower all walks of life.

  • Inspire the beauty in the world around us.

  • Create experiences that are rich and lasting.

  • Believe that the home is a place of creative expression.

  • Uplift consumers with beautiful, innovative, affordable products for their homes and beautiful music to relax and motivate them.

  • Elevate the everyday.

  • Enjoy sharing ideas— making, doing and living.

  • Be cultural tastemakers combing the world for the most diverse, innovative and noteworthy ideas.

  • Partner with only the best to deliver authentic experiences.

  • Embrace Global Culture with an Italian Accent!™  (Romina's trademark phrase)

Licensing, Publishing, and Sponsorship

The Romina Arena Company is proud to partner with many innovative brands and media companies in creating branded entertainment, engaging campaigns, and serving true inspiration to motivate and build authentic connections with a global audience of fans and consumers.

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